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You found us!

Whether by mistake or by intent you are now just clicks away from learning more about a unique group of people, Christian Witnesses of Jah. We are Christian because we follow Jesus as a real person who taught us to love one another, to help those in need, and to testify (or ‘witness’) about him and his Father, the God of Enoch, of Moses, of David, Solomon, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and many other famous people from ancient times, even the God of millions of people alive today!

What makes our group different from all others, past and present, is we emphasize and stand firm on just Three Things, leaving everything else to everyone else to decide individually, since it is as individuals we stand before the one whom we believe is Creator and God, Jah.

Please enjoy our site, which is designed to help you gain specific information about us and about the reasons for our beliefs.


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